Topic “Adventist culture”

Racial Injustice, Health Disparities and God’s End-Time Remnant People

Speaker: Categories: Oct 15, 2016


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Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves: Prevention and Proper Handling of Church-related Sexual Abuse

Speaker: Categories: Jul 23, 2016


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Ethics and the Present Crisis

Speaker: Categories: May 09, 1981


[58min, 31sec / 28min, 4sec]

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Institutionalization of Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Apr 11, 1981


[1hr, 3min, 27sec / 25min, 20sec]

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Does the Present "State of the Art" (investigation of plagarism) Support or Refute Walter Rea's The White Lie?

Speaker: Categories: Nov 13, 1982


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1. E. G. White copied from at least seventeen authors; in a word, the evidence for plagiarism is devastating.

2. Her adamant denials of any human intervention in her work is incomprehensible.

3. Her writings are used as the final, infallible interpreter of Scripture for the denomination.

4. Is originality too much to ask of a prophet?

5. What are the ethics in literary borrowing?

SDA's Dilemma

Speaker: Categories: Jun 05, 1982


[53min, 50sec / 46min, 57sec]

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Prophet in a Changing World

Speaker: Categories: May 06, 1982


[56min, 44sec / 49min, 32sec]

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Women and Adventist Culture

Speaker: Categories: Feb 12, 1983


[46min, 3sec / 44min, 45sec]

Fay Blix, was a partner in the Santa Ana, California law firm of. Ching, Kurtz, and Blix


Women and Adventist Culture – exploring the problems women face within the Adventist subculture.


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Finding Your Religious Metaphor - Do Your Symbols Equal Your Faith?

Speaker: Categories: Oct 13, 1984


[1hr, 1min, 54sec / 38min, 56sec]


Dr. Rice has sent us the following stimulator questions relating to his topic:

1. Are ideas or feelings more important to our religious experience?

2. What is your fundamental symbol, "feeling-impression," of your life as a Christian? Are you

one of God's children,

a sheep in His pasture,

a soldier in His army,

The Greening of Adventism - a New Consciousness Demands Changed Structure

Speaker: Categories: Aug 11, 1984


[1hr, 5min, 40sec / 39min, 25sec]


Jim Walters is currently Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics and Theology at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda. He is well-qualified to speak on this subject, since he served as the chairperson of the AAF Taskforce on Church Structure

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