Topic “Adventist Beliefs”

Perils of a Christian Bureaucracy

Speaker: Categories: Oct 10, 1981


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[1hr, 19min, 31sec]

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Prophet in a Changing World

Speaker: Categories: May 06, 1982


[56min, 44sec / 49min, 32sec]

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Finding Your Religious Metaphor - Do Your Symbols Equal Your Faith?

Speaker: Categories: Oct 13, 1984


[1hr, 1min, 54sec / 38min, 56sec]


Dr. Rice has sent us the following stimulator questions relating to his topic:

1. Are ideas or feelings more important to our religious experience?

2. What is your fundamental symbol, "feeling-impression," of your life as a Christian? Are you

one of God's children,

a sheep in His pasture,

a soldier in His army,

The Sanctuary Problem: Its History and Implications for Seventh-day Adventists

Speaker: Categories: Mar 10, 1984


[59min, 55sec / 55min, 19sec]


Elder Cottrell was formerly Associate Editor of the Review & Herald and of the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary. He was also a member of the original Daniel Committee and the Sanctuary Review Committee. The above topic is the title of a chapter in his forthcoming book on the Sanctuary, a culmination of 17 years of an in-depth study of the book of Daniel.


What Does Church Mean?

Speaker: Categories: Apr 13, 1985


[53min, 58sec / 55min, 31sec]

Topic: What Does Church Mean?

Is the metaphor of the family sufficient to describe the church? Mike will look at the various and interlocking ways in which we think of ecclesiology within Adventism.

Challenges Facing Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Jul 12, 1986


[57min, 19sec / 53min, 8sec]


After Glacier View, the questions about inspiration and the role of Ellen G. White, the Davenport affair, women as pastors, church reorganization - what issues still demand attention? Who is in position to identify these challenges - church administrators, pastors, church employees, laity? Who's responsible for addressing these challenges? Who can or should become involved?

The Shape of an Adventist Future

Speaker: Categories: May 23, 1987


[57min, 17sec / 50min, 4sec]


Churches (or denominations), like people, are dynamic. They mature. They change. However, the changes, though inevitable, are not totally predictable. Nor are they easily discerned! Too often, the awareness of the change comes late -- the needed fence repair is discovered after the horse is out!

What causes these changes? Are they controllable? Are these inevitable events of growth and maturation even desirable?

Including Women - Power Struggle or Empowerment?

Speaker: Categories: Nov 19, 1988


[1hr, 4min, 55sec / 40min, 54sec]


Although Seventh-day Adventists trace much of their beginnings, endorsements of their fundamental beliefs and lifestyle, and their commitment to excellence in education and medicine to a woman, questions continue to linger regarding the "proper" role of women in church leadership positions.

The Future of Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Sep 10, 1988


[1hr, 16min, 25sec / 31min, 18sec]


Challenges Facing Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Feb 13, 1988


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[1hr, 8min, 24sec]


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