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The Siegfried Horn Diaries: A 70 Year Perspective on the Church and Society

Speaker: Categories: Jan 13, 2001


[57min, 3sec / 55min]


In all likelihood many will have heard mentioned the name Dr. Siegfried Horn. Some may have known him as a professor; some as a personal friend. But it is his meticulously kept diaries which prove so interesting and informative. Dr. Larry Geraty has had these historical gems in his possess ion since Dr. Horn's death.

The Menace of Mesmerism in Maine: Impact on Two Emerging Religious Group

Speaker: Categories: Nov 08, 2003


[1hr, 18min, 57sec / 1hr, 8min, 47sec]


Submission, Silence, and Babymaking: Tough and Helpful Texts about Women

Speaker: Categories: Jun 09, 2007


[1hr, 13min, 43sec / 54min, 38sec]


The Open Remnant: A Biblical and Historical Vision

Speaker: Categories: Nov 08, 2008


[1hr, 11min, 40sec / 1hr, 6min, 51sec]

"Questions on Doctrine"and the Purple State of SDA Theology

Speaker: Categories: Jul 12, 2008


[1hr, 14min, 59sec / 51min, 50sec]

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