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Then a Miracle Occurs!: Harmonizing the Disparate Realms of Science and Religion

Speaker: Categories: Jul 10, 2004


[56min, 39sec / 48min, 2 sec]


Without doubt each reader of this announcement has had to address the tension of how to harmonize Scripture (at least in the way it was taught in years passed) with the world of scientific inquiry and conclusions. This tension, for some, has proven too stressful and, rather than continuing to seek answers, these persons have chosen to separate themselves from Adventism entirely. Some of those who have made such a separation may be family or very close friends of Forum members.

Enron and Its Aftermath: What is the Likelihood of Fraud and Embezzlement at the GC and Its Major Institutions?

Speaker: Categories: Sep 09, 2006


[1hr, 18min, 8sec / 45min, 27sec]


Genesis 1: What in the World did that First Hebrew Audience Hear?

Speaker: Categories: Jan 08, 2011


[1hr, 4min, 49sec / 58min, 25sec]

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