Liberation and Evangelism - Logging a Passage Through Central America

Speaker: Categories: May 11, 1985


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The Seventh-day Adventist commitment to take the Gospel message to "every nation, kindred, tongue and people" has placed the church in unique and often times bewildering positions. Traditional North American Adventist avoidance of entanglement in political movements has posed curious problems in those areas where the politics of government and the Adventist theology may be considered antithetical to each other.

But Adventists are not alone in this religio-politico-social tension. Virtually all religious mission activities must confront the same basic issues. Central America serves as a near-to-home showcase in which the mission of the church has had to meet governments and social structures head-on.


Dr. Teel has a first-hand knowledge of the issues facing Adventism in Mexico and Central America. He has conducted a dozen study tours to these locations with the most recent concluding just one month ago. This summer he will lead another study tour - this time to Guatemala.

A rich background of pastoral experiences in Boston, and the Southern and Southeastern California Conferences has added to his concern for the mission of Adventism.

His academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree from Pacific Union College, 1962; a Master of Arts degree from Andrews University, 1965; a Master of Theology from Harvard Divinity School, 1970; and a Doctor of Philosophy from Boston University, 1972. His doctoral dissertation constructed a profile of pastors who had been arrested and imprisoned for practicing their religious convictions. He is currently collecting data for a profile of pastors whose congregations have declared their churches to be sanctuaries for refugees from Central America.

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