Adventists on the World Stage - from Little Flock to Big Herd

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"When in May 1847,"notes Dr. Gallagher,"James White sent out the pamphletA Word to the'Little Flock'to some of the scattered remnants of the Millerite movement, there was no organized Adventist church. The pamphlet expanded on his first publication, just one sheet entitled,To the Little Remnant

Scattered Abroad, of which 250 copies were printed. 250! Now SDAs comprise a faith community (including children) of over 25 million. Not alittle flockanymore - we're a big herd, especially in some places where there is a high concentration of Adventist members. We've grown - at least in numbers!"

"With numerical growth,"he continues,"has come a realization that we possess a far more important voice in our world than we ever expected to have. Where once Adventists could be ignored, because we were so few that no one really knew us anyway (and we kind of preferred it that way!), now especially in some parts of the world - we are an important part of society, whether we like it or not. Whether we speak or not, we are saying something to the communities we live in. And what about our role on the world stage?"

Please note the position which Jonathan Gallagher held at the United Nations! Was he representing a little flock or a big herd?


Dr. Gallagher contributes to the ministry of Pine Knoll Publications ( as facilitator of the regular Sabbath school studies program which provides an hour-long discussion commentary on the weekly Bible study lesson . This study is recorded and provided in CD form and free on the Internet. He is also involved in translating the New Testament into modern English (, book writing, and a wide range of other ministry-based projects.

Dr. Gallagher was born in Haslemere, Surrey, England and grew up in the naval port of Portsmouth on the south coast of the country. He holds a PhD in divinity from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, a BA in history and theology, while his first degree was a BS in chemistry as applied to space research. He worked as a local church pastor in his native country of England for seven years, followed by eight years there in church administration. He moved to the United States thirteen years ago to serve for three years as News Director for the Adventist world church, followed by eight years as the Adventist church's representative to the United Nations and deputy secretary general of the International Religious Liberty Association.

He is the husband of but one wife, Ana, and they have been blessed with two offspring (Paul and Rebekah) who never cease to amaze them. He always wishes to speak well of God, and is passionate about the impact we can make in changing people's lives for the better, both in this world, and for the world to come.

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