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Nine years ago this month, August of 1980, "Glacier View" was destined to become a part of the Adventist geographic lexicon along with "Battle Creek," "Minneapolis," "Elmshaven," "Takoma Park," "Loma Linda," and . . .  It was just nine years ago when a "hearing" was held to consider an alternative interpretation of a Seventh-day Adventist "landmark doctrine."

The rest is history! The reverberations generated at Glacier View have sounded and resounded around the world. Pastors, Sabbath School teachers, Bible scholars, university professors, seminary students, home Bible fellowship groups -- all have, in one setting or another, had to address the question:

"What really happened at Glacier View?"

Answers to this question are as varied as the range of far-left/far-right theology among Seventh-day Adventists. But there are certain pieces of evidence, certain facts, which do provide suggestions of a plausible response to the question. One such evidence is the persistent presence of the ministry of Good News Unlimited.

Historically, how could such a ministry, founded rather immediately after Glacier View, gain sufficient support to become virtually world-wide in its influence? Who would fund such a cause? Who would lead it? How would it be organized? And, who'd listen to its message?


Dr. Desmond Ford received a Ph.D. in rhetoric from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. in New Testament from Manchester University, England. He served as chair of the Theology Department of Avondale College (Australia) for sixteen years and taught at Pacific Union College for two and a half years. He is the author of sixteen books, including commentaries on Daniel and on Revelation as well as books on Christian lifestyle and apologetics. He is the featured speaker of both daily and weekly radio broadcasts plus a weekly television program. He is president and founder of Good News Unlimited, a non-denominational ministry, which is committed to preaching the gospel, the good news of Jesus, "with malice toward none and charity for all." The by-line of the GNU monthly journal summarizes the mission of Des Ford and his staff: "Christ Alone, Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone."

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