Rediscovering the Fountain of Youth

Speaker: Categories: May 09, 1992


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Only once in the past decade has attention been focused on questions of health with a presentation entitled, "Trends in Vegetarianism," July, 1988 - (unless Allberta Mazat's discussion three years earlier, "Speaking Up for Sexuality," might be considered a health issue).

Dr. Krick, our May 9 speaker, observes, "In recent years the 'Healthy Lifestyle' has become a topic of major interest to Americans. TV clips reporting research on health habits in relation to disease are daily fare. As the years fly by, it is not unusual to awaken too late to the fact that our habits 'have been killing us.'"

"Changing lifestyle habits is certainly not easy," he continues. "However, the results can be gratifying and life saving, even after having passed the 'three score and ten' mark! Recent literature implicates the immune system as key in this life renewing life prolonging 'healthy lifestyle' revolution."

Dr. Krick contends, "The Adventist Health Studies, along with the Framingham and other epidemiologic research reports, have revealed an exciting consistency: the dietary, exercise, and spiritual components of the Garden of Eden lifestyle would still seem to be optimal for health and longevity - 6000 or more years later!"

Sound interesting? Sound familiar? Sound critical? Feel guilty?

Though attitudes and responses to this topic may vary, it is certain that the "public," the non-SDA public, has become seriously interested in what Adventists have known for generations. Perhaps it is a strange irony that while non-SDAs have become increasingly interested, evidence suggests that Adventists, themselves, have become increasingly dis-interested!


Edwin H. Krick, earned his baccalaureate degree from Atlantic Union College in 1957. His MD and MPH degrees were earned at Loma Linda University, 1961 and 1971 respectively.

He has been on staff at Loma Linda University since 1971 in the School of Public Health where he served as Dean, 1986-90, or in the School of Medicine. His area of specialization is rheumatology and immunology.

Dr. Krick has also served in a mission appointment to Japan, 1962-1970. He has an extensive list of publications and scientific presentations to his credit. He is an active member of twelve professional/scholarly societies and has received numerous honors and awards. He is active in the LLU Alumni Association.

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