2013 Summer Newsletter

Have a terrific summer and we hope to see many of you at the September meeting.

Gerald C. Bryant, PhD, Director, Geological Field Institute, Dixie State College presented “…confessions of a conventional geologist” at the 2013 Winter meeting on February 9

Dr. Bryant’s presentation illustrated that the rock record of Earth history is complex and varied, but also very detailed and systematic. It reveals a recognizable suite of processes acting through time to produce weird, wonderful, unique products. This record is replete with catastrophic events; however, attempts to organize those events into the larger framework of a global catastrophe (specifically, the Flood) have not been successful.

2013 Winter Newsletter

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In the spirit of the holiday season and to celebrate the digitization of 31 years of lectures, San Diego Adventist Forum is offering a 30% discount on all media through December 31:

  • mp3 audio file downloads (regularly $10—now just $7)
  • compact discs and audiocassette tapes (regularly $20—now just $14)

These special prices apply to credit card orders placed here on the website and to prepaid mail orders.  The mail order form may be printed from the website under the ARCHIVES tab.

To receive your discount online, enter “HOLIDAYS” in the coupon code field on the order page--the system will calculate the discount and indicate the total that will be charged to your charge card.

To receive your mail order discount, subtract 30% from the total due and write ‘HOLIDAYS’ on your check (order must be postmarked before 1/1/13)

Please allow 6 weeks for delivery of CDs and cassettes.

Rice returns to SDAF for 8th presentation in 31 years!

On November 10, Richard Rice, PhD, Professor of Religion at Loma Linda University, presented the San Diego Adventist Forum 2012 fall lecture entitled Does God have a Future? The Openness of God, Past and Present.

Dr. Rice’s introductory remarks dealt with the question of the importance of God, noting Jesus’ own teaching that “the greatest and first commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.” The guide to thinking about God, Dr. Rice continued, is prayer, theorizing that man thinks in “pictures, rather than propositions, metaphors, or statements” and that “good thinking about God is biblical, logical, and practical.”

The major thrust of Dr. Rice’s lecture was...

2012 Fall Newsletter

Fall greetings from San Diego Adventist Forum.  We hope you had a terrific summer and are happily settling into a new fall routine!  Our Fall Newsletter is now available for viewing and/or printing--just click on the title on the attachment line below or the Newsletter box to the right.  2013 membership and media subscription renewal time has arrived (deadline December 31) and may be completed online (just click in the Join/Subscribe box to the right) or using the application form in the Fall Newsletter.  Please remember SDAF when making your year-end charitable contributions--use the Donate box to the right or the contribution form in the Fall Newsletter.

Summer meeting well-attended!

On September 8, Sigve Tonstad, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Religion at Loma Linda University, presented a lecture on Lost Meaning(s) of the Seventh Day, which stems from his 2009 book, The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day.  He has authored several books, including Saving God’s Reputation.

All SDAF meetings now available digitally!

Since SDAF went digital last year it has been a high-priority to get all of our archived presentations digitized for immediate downloading from our website.  President Gordon Rick is very pleased to announce that largely through the efforts of Rich Hannon, Adventist Forum board member in Holladay, Utah, that this project has been finished ahead of its anticipated year-end completion.  Rich, a retired computer industry professional, has used some of his spare time in this endeavor in the past year.  For those unfamiliar with the process, here is what it takes to make digital files from the decades of available audiocassette tapes that were shipped from San Diego to Utah.

Entire SDAF Archives Soon Available Digitally!

Very exciting news.  While about one-half of our 30-year plus archives of over 250 meetings are currently available in digital format (CDs or downloadable mp3 files), it was very encouraging to recently learn that the digitization of the remaining lectures/meetings is ahead of schedule.  The new sound files are in the process of being electronically cleaned up and are now expected to be ready for purchase well before year end.  In the meantime, the complete archive list is available (just click on “archives” above) and is a great source for reviewing the resources that are being updated. 

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